Who has never had troubles with his shoes? Too tight, too small, too wide, too big, too indented, heels too high or leather too stiff: there is enough reasons to suffer by opening a new pair of shoes at our feet. A model not well adapted or not quite adjusted and, bim, it is the door open to sores of all kinds: abrasions, body, blisters … and that, not to mention the impact on the way we walk.
And it’s even worse when you have the misfortune to suffer from sensitive or problematic feet: fragile nails, irregular toes, bones that deform, feet a little too strong or too wide, etc.

11: Make fittings at the end of the day rather than at the beginning.

Why ? Quite simply, because the feet will certainly be inflated and it is at this time of the day that you will really be able to judge the comfort and the future well-being of your shoes.



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