5 tips to have flat stomach and visible abs

Do not lie, have a flat stomach and abs, it makes everyone want. It’s a little holy grail, everyone talks about it, but we do not really know how to really have visible abs . I see a lot of challenge abs or even flat belly challenge on the Internet. The thing is, I do not really believe in the before / after pictures with the slogan like ” I changed my body in 30 days ” or ” I had a flat stomach doing abs all the time. days “. 

To have a flat stomach, there is no secret you must eat “clean” to remove all the small fat on the stomach.

As many of you send me questions about this, I give you 5 of my tips for having a “flat” stomach to try to bring out your abs .


It seems to be an absolute truth, or something simple. Healthy eating is the basis of any food rebalancing. Beyond that, eating a balanced diet is a health issue that is gaining momentum. Why? Not to mention the fashion fitness phenomenon or the fitspo trends , eating balanced is not as easy and obvious as one might think.

Temptations are everywhere, food is more and more modified, industrial or grown with pesticides and other chemicals. It seems to me that eating healthy and simple products has never been so difficult. Just knowing where his meat or fish comes from, is a real fight. Even the butcher does not always know how much of the beef he or she comes from. So, I can not repeat enough that eating well is not necessarily obvious, and yet eating well is health.

I am aware that eating organic or buying meat at the butcher’s shop is not given to everyone. I also know that it takes some effort and a little more time. Only knowing what you put on your plate is for me essential and I hope that it becomes gradually for you too.

Suddenly, if you want abs to chill quietly on the beach the air of nothing, your flat belly in the sight of all: starts with eating well . It’s simple: vegetables, fruits, meat, fish. In fact, everything that does not have packaging and that existed already 5000 years before your birth.


Cardio is life. When I say cardio, it includes all sports activities that make you sweat. Running, cycling, RPM, dance, elliptical, zumba, body combat or body attack, in short, everything that challenges you at the level of breath. The goal being that you are soaked and all red at the end of your workout. Yes, you will not be glamorous, but you will feel good and you will have eliminated a lot of toxins.

The advantage of cardio is that it will go to tap into your fat reserves. In fact, it will help you to refine your silhouette, to dry you, as we say in the language of bodybuilding.

Thus, a healthy and balanced diet, coupled with 3 sessions of cardio, 40 minutes a week, will help you get rid of the fat that bothers you. And gradually your abs will appear. Yes it’s work, nothing to do with magic 😉


When I see “abs challenges” or “abs march madness”, it makes me laugh. And then I remember that at the beginning of my road of the form , I myself did these challenges abs. Without much result. In reality, these one-month challenges that make you do abs almost every day, give no convincing results.Why?

Because the abdominals are muscles like the others, which need rest. If you work them every day, then you will “exhaust” them. You have to let them congest a day or two for them to develop. In addition, this kind of challenge flat stomach, does not integrate work with load. For your abs to come out of hiding, you have to work with weights to really work the muscle . Thus, for a visible result, it is advisable to work with heavy loads and perform about fifteen repetitions per exercise. And most importantly, to have days off. To be honest, I rarely work on abs specifically. And when I do, I target the obliques especially .

In fact, you have to work the abs like all the other muscles and do not do crunches every day. Clearly, it does not help much.


The cladding is really what helps to strengthen the most the abdominal belt . In fact, it makes work all abs deeply, gently. For women to work the abs gently is important for the perineum . So, I want to say that sheathing is your friend.

If you really want a flat stomach, you can do 9 minutes of abs in sheath mode, once or twice a week. I usually do 3 x 1 minute of “classic” board on the elbows or forearms, with the perineum contracted, the tummy tucked in and I take the Ujjayi breath (which is optional). I sheath all my body, that is to say that I contract the buttocks and legs.

Then I do 3 x 1 minutes of planks on each side, in the same way, with the perineum contracted, the tummy tucked in and I take Ujjayi breathing. I put my feet on each other and I lean on my forearm.

It allows me to keep a flat stomach and sheath without taking too much time each time.


Often, when one engages in a fitness or healthy lifestyle , one forgets and neglects hydration. Still drink enough water, every day can change a lot.

A sufficient amount of water actually means at least 2 liters of water a day . What’s the use of drinking so much? Well, it helps to avoid water retention .

Indeed, when you do not hydrate enough, the body retain the little water it has. It’s a survival mechanism. The thing is, it swells the body and creates an extra layer of fat. Finally, it looks like fat in appearance, when in reality it is indeed water. If you want to have visible abs, I advise you to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to avoid this inflated appearance.

In addition to hydrating, drinking water will help eliminate and work your kidneys. And yes, the kidneys are the filters of the body that take care of eliminating impurities. The more you drink water, the more you will engage the mechanism of “depuration” of the body.

To think of drinking my 2 liters of water a day, I always take with me a gourd of this style . She is graduated, so I always know what I drink. She is really practical and she does not run out of my bag.


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