A little boy writes a letter to his father in paradise: here’s the post answer

Jase Copland, a 7-year-old boy, lost his dad a few years ago. On his father’s birthday in early November, the inconsolable child decided to write him a letter … to paradise. ” Mr. Postman, can you send this letter to paradise for my dad’s birthday? Thank you,” wrote the little Scotchman. Teri, Jase’s mother, was touched by her son’s initiative. She helped the child in his approach.

When Sean Miligan, a postman at the Royal Mail, the British Post, saw the envelope not stamped, he decided to answer the child. He received a letter at his home in Blackburn.

The little boy was happy to read these words: ” We were able to deliver your letter to your father in paradise, it was a challenge to avoid stars and other galactic objects on the road to paradise. (…) assured that your particularly important mail has been delivered (…) I know how important it is to you, I will continue to do everything I can to ensure delivery to paradise safely . “

The mother of the family shared this touching story on Facebook. She said her son wanted to become a mailman later because ” they have to cross very dangerous places to deliver the mail “.



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