How to take care of your hair ? – The beauty basics

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Are you looking for good care of your hair? Do not go further, Virginie is here to help you from root to tip!


This article is about “basic” techniques for taking care of your hair. If you are already adept No-Poo , Low-Poo or sebum cure , it is normal that you find it a little light!

After talking to you about face care and body care , it was time to focus on the basics of hair care ! How to choose your shampoo? When to apply his mask?What is a no-rinse treatment? It left my Kiki !

Shampoo, the basis of hair care

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What shampoo for me?

Before talking about application method, let’s talk about product! For a healthy scalp and healthy lengths, it’s important to choose a shampoo that’s right for your hair type .

Whether your hair is curly, stiff as chopsticks or colorful, there is necessarily a shampoo adapted to your needs (and often, it’s like Port-Salut, it’s written on!).

If you have greasy hair, pay close attention to products that promise you light roots for 72 hours: most of the time, they are very aggressive and do more harm than good.

They excite the sebaceous glands which, in the end, end up producing even more sebum . Prefer a mild shampoo with a neutral pH. Same if you have dandruff , do not use any product lightly!

How often for shampooing?

You may be wondering : washing your hair every day is a bad idea .

In addition to accustoming your little skull to a regular stripping, which makes it regrease faster, the daily use of a shampoo eventually attack the scalp and the hair fiber.

In the long run, you risk creating dandruff and dryness problems that are far more complicated to treat than a small excess of sebum.

Hairstylists recommend washing their hair twice a week, but it’s up to you to see what’s best for your hair, bearing in mind that the best is sometimes the enemy of good.

How to wash your hair?

Before you head under water, start by brushing your hair from the roots to the ends to disentangle them, remove the last residues of styling product and make the hair fall dead.

It will be already less stuck in the bung …

Then wet your hair and apply a dab of shampoo on your roots. Use the pulp of your fingers to lather the product and take the opportunity to offer a small massage relaxing and invigorating your scalp.

Once the top of the skull is well cleaned, put the product around the ears and on the nape of the neck.

No need to scrub your lengths , foam and water flows are enough to clean them. With a strong shampoo, just lather the bread directly into your hands and apply the mousse on your hair.

If your hair is often in contact with pollution, you can make a second shampoo , exactly the same way as the first.

The conditioner, always nice for a hair care

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After rinsing your hair with warm water (once your lengths crunch, it’s good!), Apply a conditioner.

I know, it’s tempting to stop after the shampoo but the conditioner, in addition to unraveling your hair and thus promote styling, has other benefits such as that of limiting the breakage .

Indeed, just after washing, the hair scales are still open due to moisture, which contributes to the formation of knots. By smoothing the hair fibers, the conditioner promotes the closure of these scales.

Result: the comb slides perfectly in the hair, without breaking or tearing them.

There are several types of conditioners: some, in real care, are to leave a few minutes, while others do not require any time of installation.

As for the shampoo, you have to choose your hair conditioner according to your hair type.

I advise you to use a product without silicones , as beneficial for the health of your hair (under the layer of silicones, your hair smother!) Than for the environment.

Different types of hair care

Deep masks for optimal hair care

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Despite what is indicated on the packaging, masks and other deep care will be more effective if applied on dry hair , before shampooing.

Why ?

It’s very simple: when you wet a hair, its scales close and it becomes almost impermeable. The active ingredients are therefore difficult to penetrate and the care is not as effective as expected.

Applying a mask to dry hair allows the active “beautiful hair” to do a better job.

Especially that we can leave the mask much longer (between one hour and one night, depending on the patience of each) on dry hair on wet hair.

As for the conditioner, a silicone-free mask will treat your hair in depth rather than just embellish it on the surface.

Oil baths, another way to take care of your hair

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For some time, I talk to you quite often about the benefits of the vegetable oil bath for the hair . Olive oil, coconut, argan … It’s up to you to choose the one you prefer, according to the needs of your hair.

A few hours before your shampoo (the day before, it’s even better!), Apply your oil from the roots of the hair to the tips.

If your hair is porous or very damaged, you can wet it with hot water before applying the oil: it will allow you to rinse it more easily.

Obviously, if you have greasy hair, apply your oil only on your length, or just on your tips.

Then wrap your hair in a hot towel (or wedge under a charlotte if you plan to go to bed) and let the oil bath between thirty minutes and overnight .

To rinse the oil and avoid an effect “oily hair” rather unpleasant, then wash your hair with warm water (perfect for diluting the product) and with a mild shampoo. Do not hesitate to shampoo your head twice in a row to remove all oily residues.

Even if they are very effective for nourishing and repairing the hair, do not overdo it too much oil baths , which, in the long run, may weigh down your hair.

Learn to observe your hair: only they can tell you when they need a little lift!

The care without rinsing for hair

To be applied on dried or dried hair, the care without rinsing can have different functions?

  •  The most common are the heat protection treatments that, applied to damp hair, help protect the hair fiber from the high temperatures of hair dryers or styling accessories .
  •  Some, more focused on the care, act as a day cream to moisturize the hair and make it more beautiful.
  •  Others are true styling products and allow, as desired, to redraw his curls or smooth his small strands rebels.

Each hair is different, it is possible that you do not find the product that will be perfect for your hair from the first try. You know what they

say: ” it is by forging that you become a blacksmith “.

Small tip: the aloe vera gel is a very good moisturizer for the lengths and, to spoil anything, it sheaths the hair!

Dry shampoo, another type of hair care

In spite of its small name, the dry shampoo is not used to wash your hair without having to wet them but to allow you to refresh your roots the days when you do not have the time to pass under the shower. It can also help you delay your shampoo for a day or two and even serve as a texturizing spray if you have fine hair.

To absorb excess sebum from your roots, spray the dry shampoo at a distance of about 5cm from your skull. Once the product is well distributed, mass your scalp to restore volume to your hair. You can then take a little brush to remove the excess powder.

I advise you to go soft on the dose of dry shampoo, under penalty of finding you with pretty white streaks and even hair dry and cardboard!

And you, what are your habits to take care of your hair?


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