“I live with my husband and … my boyfriend”: Bella tells her extraordinary everyday life (video)

Daniel, Ken and Bella have found their balance.

Bella and Ken had a “traditional” couple life in Orange, Connecticut, before meeting Daniel five years ago. Their life changed when Bella met a married man at a party. The mother of two had a real love at first sight. ” At the end of the night, I do not know why, but he was about to leave, I said goodbye and I kissed him, ” Ken’s wife said in an interview. at Barcroft TV. ” I thought,” Okay, I’m married and I just kissed another married man. I had very conflicting feelings about it, but I wanted to do it again, “says the 34-year-old.


Bella and Ken love each other since high school and have always been monogamous. However, when the woman, disturbed by her new encounter, offered her husband to have sex with another partner, Ken accepted.

“There was a lot of chemistry between us and we said to ourselves, ‘Maybe that’s something we really want to try’, so we invited him to our house, talked a lot and we ended up having sex with him, and that’s how it all started, “said the American.

A balance of three

Daniel ended up leaving his wife after eight years of marriage. “We had problems before I met them,” says the couple’s boyfriend, convinced he made the right choice.

The latter is a magician. Bella often participates in her shows on the weekends while Ken takes care of the children. When Ken goes to work, Bella and Daniel take over. They found their balance.

The woman confided that she had sex with Daniel or Ken but that it happens very rarely that she sleeps with both. Sometimes the two men in his life also have sex with each other.

It’s been five years since Bella, Daniel and Ken live together. They bought a king size bed to be comfortable with three. Daniel considers the couple’s daughters as his children. He plays a big role in their education.

Ken has a girlfriend

Convinced by their way of life, the three lovers do not hesitate to meet new people. Ken met Laura two years ago. The young woman spends a lot of time with them, but she does not have sex with Bella and Daniel. They confide to have a relationship just “friendly” with Ken’s girlfriend, but no more. The trio does not intend to change this relationship in which it flourishes completely.


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