The best way ever to attract a girl on on Facebook: 12 Tested tips (and easy) !

How to flirt with a girl on Facebook?

How to approach a girl we do not know on Facebook?

to seduce a girl on facebookYou probably noticed it:

On Facebook, we often come across some very pretty girls with whom we would not be against further knowledge.

Whether it is a friend of a friend, a girl who left a comment on a photo or a status of a page that you liked, a girl who appears in the suggestions of additions as friends …

We often find girls with whom we would like to experiment something.

You may have already tried to approach some nana on this social network, trying different approaches.

And you probably noticed that it was not as easy as expected

Because often, we sent a pretty original message to the girl, it will rarely respond.

And that’s normal.

Every time pretty girlfriends show me the amount of messages they receive each week (or rather each day) on Facebook, we understand immediately why we never receive a response.

Because what must be understood is that …

The girls a minimum pretty are constantly approached on Facebook

And most of the time, they do not respond. Generally, they only read the messages (and still, not all) and smile at reading some of them.

So you understand it: on Facebook, there is a real competition ! .

That’s why you’re going to have to put all the odds on your side to differentiate yourself . History that a maximum of your approaches have the chance to work.

With this in mind, I will share with you 12 tips that will allow you to stand out on Facebook, and dredge a girl effectively.

Let’s go :

1. The profile picture

The first mistake made by a lot of the guys who approach girls on Facebook is the profile picture.

The profile picture is the first thing that the girl you are approaching sees .

Keep in mind that she does not know you and that the only thing she has to make a first judgment is your profile picture.

Your profile picture is crucial for the first impression. However, first impressions have hard skin. So let her play for us, rather than against us.

The first thing to understand in order not to ruin your chances with a profile picture is that you must have one:

It seems obvious, but when my girlfriends show me the Facebook messages they receive, some of the guys who contact them have no profile photo.

How do you inspire confidence without a profile picture?

Because it must be made clear: girls are aware of the existence of psychopaths and potential rapists on the web, and will not feel confident with a guy who does not want to reveal his identity.

sentence to flirt with a girl on facebookA profile photo that makes you want is a photo that conveys one or more qualities.

These qualities can be of sociability, dominance, positivity, etc …

But above all: a good profile photo is a photo that conveys that you are a normal guy and potentially appreciated by people .

Avoid mediocre quality photos taken at the webcam or selfie …

Favor photos that generate emotions, such as a photo of you doing an activity or a photo of you with friends (we must still be able to identify you with the people around you). Or a quality photo taken by a professional photographer or equivalent.

2. The description of the profile

The description of the profile (the pages liked, the tastes, and all the other details) plays a role in the image that the girl will make of you.

If you liked cuckolding pages when you were younger, think about cleaning up.

Next you allow people who are not in your list of friends to see your profile, the girl you will contact (without adding as a friend, we will come back a little lower) can be reassured by some elements of your profile.

3. The social value

A guy who knows the world and is appreciated by people (especially women), it reassures .

It shows that you are socially intelligent and that you have the ability to make the girl climb the ladder.

It makes the difference between you and the guy who is completely unsocial.

If you do not have a very attractive profile (that you do not have a lot of photos with friends and / or that you are not very active on Facebook, that is not bad, paradoxically with the theme of this article), set up your account so that people who do not know you (and possibly even your friends) can not see much about your profile. It allows you not to shoot yourself in the foot, and to maintain mystery.

4. Dredge a girl who lives near you

If you want to chat a girl on Facebook, I guess it’s to see her again in real life and conclude with her.

And you will agree with me that flirting with a girl who lives hundreds or thousands of miles is not the best solution.

So make sure to approach girls who do not live too far from home, it will make things easier for the future .

5. No request to add as a friend

A pretty girl receives several requests to add in friend a day. For her, it does not represent anything. And doing it would make you more of a mundane guy and drowned in the mass than anything else.

Do not do like all those guys who add pretty girls to friends hoping that way to go further with them …

To make a first contact with a girl on Facebook, forget the friend request.
Be satisfied with a message .

It will make you stand out from all those guys who add a girl friend they do not even know.
It will make you a more normal guy in his eyes, more socially adjusted.

Then, once you have exchanged some messages with the girl, you can eventually add her as a friend.
But this is by no means an obligation.

If you have an attractive profile, it can be a good strategy.
If not, it may be better to delay the request for addition (or just wait for it to add).

6. The approach

Most guys who approach a stranger on Facebook use a generic approach that they can use on any girl.

For example :

  • ” Hi, how are you ? 
  • ” You’re charming “
  • “I find you super beautiful”
  • Etc …

When a girl receives a message like that, it barely touches her.Because she knows that this message is a message that you send to all girls (or at least she knows it’s a message that you can send to all girls) .

A woman likes to be unique in the eyes of a man.
She likes to be the only one among all the others.

This is the reason why for every girl you will contact on Facebook, you will take the time to write a personalized message . So that the girl you approach can not tell you that you sent this message to other girls.

flirt with a girl on facebookTo do this, you will identify one or more elements that make the girl unique:

It can be an element of his style (a garment, a jewel, his hairstyle, his make-up, an object or an animal that is with her on the photo, his facial expression, etc …).

It can also be one of his tastes or a page liked.

In your message of approach, you will make him understand that you have identified it among the others thanks to this element which makes it unique .

For example :

“Hi Julie, I find your top very sexy and somewhat original;)”

And you stop there.
No need to do more.

You wait for his answer.

If she has not answered anything after several days, you can follow a question built using the clues you found on her picture and profile, preferably with a touch of humor. For example :

“I saw that you liked the bright colors a lot, it’s to scare the predators? 

7. Spelling and grammar

Look after your way of writing.
Write in a correct French .

Writing without fault will make you stand out (it’s sad to say that, but given the number of guys who write anything, that’s the case).

Avoid the sms language, heal your spelling and grammar, and use punctuation correctly.

You can use a few smileys from time to time to add a touch of positivity to your messages or to help understand a sentence that can be confusing;)

8. No poke

Forget the pals.
You would pass for a kid or a teenager who spends his time on social networks.

9. Avoid text boxes

Adapt the length of your texts to the girl.

You must have in mind the principle of investing: you must avoid being more invested than the girl in the conversation.

If it sends you relatively short messages, send it relatively short messages. Leave to send a succession of small messages (if you want to get a message a little longer).

If it sends you messages a little long, you can afford to send messages a little long.

The key is not to do the whole conversation. The exchange must be balanced .

If you send her cobblestones while she sends you relatively short messages, you may very well pass for a guy who is thoroughly on it and who relies heavily on a girl he barely knows and who does not testify any interest.

Bear in mind the principle of investment.

10. The timing

Many guys make the mistake of making an appointment too early to the girl .

Bear in mind that for this girl, you are an unknown stranger.

She needs to feel reassured. She needs to know that you are not a psychopath or a potential rapist.

That’s why you should avoid making an appointment too early .

Once you’ve both learned to know a minimum, you can offer him to go for a walk or go for a coffee (or any other activity you could do with two, it can be a new bar that you had planned to test, an event of the city, a new ride, etc …).

Of course, do not fall into the opposite extreme of waiting for weeks before proposing an appointment.
You might lose interest and end up as a friend zone.

11. The quantity of approaches

Let’s face it: a lot of your approaches will not work.

Many girls are not interested in meeting strangers on Facebook (and on social networks in general).

That’s why, unless you have a big stroke of luck, you will have to contact several girls to hope for a return that will lead to something concrete .

So do not limit yourself to a girl.

The advantage is that you will put less pressure on yourself.Because you will not be focused on one girl. You will have several options, and act in a more serene way.

12. Bonus: set the stage for maximizing the chances of success

how to chat a girl on facebook that we do not knowLet’s finish with some advanced tips that can help you maximize the chances of a girl answering you.

A girl will be more inclined to answer you if in her eyes you are not a complete stranger . It will give you more credit if you are pre-validated.

Being pre-validated, it may just be having a friend in common with her . Hence the interest to make your location from your list of friends.

If she is a girl with whom you have no friends in common, there is a way to no longer be a complete stranger in her eyes:

This is to find his comments on statutes or pages, and respond to these comments.

Think opposition and debate rather than complacency. This is how you will get out of the crowd and convey exciting male qualities.




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