United States: A woman gives appointments to more than 100 men met on Tinder and opens a competition

Illustration of the Tinder social networking application. - ISOPIX / SIPA
Illustration of the Tinder social networking application. - ISOPIX / SIPA

It seems that in terms of sentimental relationships, Natasha Aponte does not do things in half. This American model gave, at the same time, to meet more than a hundred men met on Tinder and put them in competition last Sunday, reports the New York Times. The best of the contenders won a date with her.

According to the testimony of the duped, Natasha Aponte trapped each of the men in the same way. First, the pretender ” match ” with the young woman on the application then follows an exchange of messages before she suddenly stops responding. Some time later, Natasha returns to the young man and offers to accompany him to see one of his DJ friends perform at Union Square in New York. One of the men contacted by the model posted a screenshot of the message on Twitter.

A contest for a date

If he did not fall in the panel, 150 to 200 men showed up at the meeting place and discovered the masquerade. If a DJ ensures the show , the object of their move is first not found. But Natasha Aponte ends up on stage dressed in black and lifts the veil on the deception. “I have a confession to make. Everyone has been invited here for an appointment with me “.

The young American with 2,000 subscribers on Instagram explains that contenders have to compete in a contest and that the best of them will get a date with her. But all can not compete, the young woman immediately offspring men measuring less than 1m78 and calling himself Jimmy because she hates that name. Those who were dumped during their last relationship are also discarded.

Thirty pumps and a one minute talk

The suitors must perform thirty pumps and have a little over a minute to explain their motives to the pretty brunette. Several competitors gave up but a man whose identity is unknown to date won the competition, witnesses said.

On social networks, the young woman was strongly criticized so much that her Instagram account – where she received many negative comments – was switched to “private”. There were guys with flowers and letters, all excited to meet her. Their faces were so sad when she announced the truth, “said a witness in the New York Times .

But the initiative of Natasha Aponte seems to hide something else. The New York Timesreports that video maker Rob Bliss took part in the operation and a video is expected to be released on Thursday. It should give more information on the real purpose of this “performance”. Rob Bliss is best known for filming an actress walking for ten hours in the streets of New York to raise awareness of street harassment, reports FranceInfo .



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