VIDEO. USA: He asks her hand, she says “yes”, the ring falls into a hole

A Brit had chosen the shine of Times Square in New York to ask his sweetheart in marriage , and she said “yes”. So he opened his hand, but the emotion made him lose the ring, which tumbled through the sidewalk grid.

The lovebirds flew back to the UK without the alliance, and probably annoyed … But it was to count without the blood of the NYPD ( NYPD ), who recovered the jewel in the conduits subway.

In the footsteps of the British couple

Still it was necessary to find the couple, which had been without trace since Friday, the day of the famous loss. The NYPD has therefore launched a call on Twitter to locate it, by broadcasting photos and a small video surveillance film showing the couple busy around the grid. On Sunday, the NYPD announced they found them. “The (now) happy couple have returned to their homeland, but thanks to your retweets they knew we were looking for them! We are arranging to send them the ring, “wrote the NYPD on his Twitter account.

Finally, the police tweeted a photo on which John and Daniella have a big smile, a drink in hand, the bride showing off her ring on the left ring finger. “Thanks Twitter, case closed!With love, John, Daniella, and the NYPD, “could be read under the photo as a happy ending.



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