You may be suffering ‘THE CHRONIC LATENESS’ if you’ve been late for everything in your life

You will soon not be able to complain about people who always arrive late. Blame Jim Dunbar. The 57-year-old Scotsman has never managed his time and he always arrives late regardless of the nature of his appointment, the time he was fixed and the person waiting for him.
The hospital Ninewells in Dundee, Scotland, has just diagnosed him as having chronic retardation. This diagnosis makes Jim Dunbar totally irresponsible for his delays! .

According to doctors, this disease is caused by the same part of the brain as those who suffer from attention deficit and hyperactivity. “I blame myself and ask myself, ‘why can’t I be on time?’ I’ve lost a lot of jobs, I can understand the reaction of people and why they don’t believe me, “says Jim Dunbar. History will remember that the Scot arrived late by 20 minutes to his appointment at the doctor.

Behind the “comical” aspect of Jim Dunbar’s situation is a personal drama. The whole life of this man will have been affected by the delays. He was a retarded schoolboy, a friend never been on time for appointments, and a vacationer who missed his ferries. “My family does not believe me and thinks I’m making excuses,” he laments.

Experts doubt, however, the diagnosis that benefited Jim Dunbar. This is particularly the case of Dr. Sheri Jacobson, psychotherapist and director of the Harley Therapy Clinic in London. According to her, “Repeated delays are usually a symptom of an underlying condition or depression, but they may also be just a habit.I think it is unwise to make human behavior a medical condition.”


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