Your Girlfriend Cheated On Me, Now What Do You Do?

Emyli, My girlfriend cheated on me, now what should I do?” I’m going to tell you something that might be a bit hard to hear. 

We often consider cheating on a romantic partner to be the ultimate sin. But cheating isn’t always a bad thing. No two cases of cheating are exactly the same. This is why each case needs to be dissected individually. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples to illustrate that point. 

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me: Scenario 1:

Jess has been in a committed relationship for two years. She’s content in her relationship, but nevertheless has a thing for a colleague.

Her colleague is different than her partner. He’s kind of nerdy, wicked smart, and has been sending her signals for a few months now. As if it were a movie, the two are paired off to attend a conference in Dallas together. After a few drinks at the bar, they decide to get one more in his room.

As soon as they close the door he’s making moves. She’s not fully willing to give herself to him, but the spontaneity and mojitos have caught her off guard. It all happens in a flash. 

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